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  1. Bill McQuay

    Greetings Wendy,

    Again, thanks for a great class this morning and in return, I wanted to invite you to listen to NPR Morning Edition this coming Monday, where my friend and colleague NPR science reporter Chris Joyce and I report on how human made sound in the National Parks is affecting not only the visitor experience but also the wildlife that make the park their home. Chris and I visit the Great Sand Dunes and Rocky Mountain National Park where we meet up with members of the Park Service Division of Natural Sound and Night Sky to learn about their efforts to preserve the natural sound environments of the parks and its importance for the preservation of wildlife. This story is part of the NPR series celebrating the US Park Service Centennial Year.

    The story is currently scheduled for 6/27 during Morning Edition’s Hour 2 B-Segment which begins at 22 minutes past the hour.

    Again, thanks for a great class and I hope you enjoy the broadcast

    • perfectpeacejai

      Thank you Bill! It was lovely to have you in class. I appreciate the NPR share. Sound is an important part of the yoga experience. Naad yoga deals with the science of sound. Blessings to you!


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